Join the guys in the last podcast of 2013; The boys talk about DC United's 2013 campaign, the recent roster changes, and they review their per-season picks.

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Join the guys as they look in their cyrstal ball (aka throw darts at the wall) and make their picks for the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The boys break down each group and pick the two teams they think will advance to the round of 16. Finally they select a World Cup Champion. You can join in on the fun at:

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Join the guys as they look back at United's Open Cup win, their subsequent league losses and the US Men's National Team Qualifying matches.

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Join the guys as they review DC United's past two matches against both LA Teams, including the 1-0 loss at Chivas USA and the 2-2 draw vs. LA at RFK Stadium. The boys also take a look at the US Men's National team and yet another 2-0 win against Arch Rival Mexico in Columbus...

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Join the guys in "KorbLand" as they look back at yet another set of DC United losses and look ahead to what may very well be another defeat for the Black-and-Red. The boys also discuss MLS news and the US Men's National Team's upcoming qualifying matches in COsta Rica and Mexico.

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Join the guys as they continue to look at United's less than stellar season. The boys talk about the stadium deal, new developments and other United News. They wrap up the show with their worst picks in DC United history.

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The boys felt it necessary to put together a special edition of the podcast. Mike, Chris and Martin talk about the new stadium deal and wrap it up with the Gold Cup...

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Join the guys as they continue to look at United's abysmal season. The boys also look at The U.S. Men's National team and their performance in the Gold Cup. The episode was recorded on Sunday evening, July 21.

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Join the guys in this double length episode as they look at United's performances in League and Open Cup play. The boys also give their mid-season player grades in a lively discussion.

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The title referes to the three stooges on the show, minus Martin. Join us this week as we look at United's dismal season thus far. Mike, Chris, Randy, and Martin talk about the recent changes in the line-up, past results, other MLS news, and the US Men's National team. Highly entertaining radio; at least for us...

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